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Get To Know Me

Everyone has a story and her is mine...

I am originally from Slovakia, and I came to Ireland with one goal; to learn English. However, with little English at my time of arrival, finding and securing a job proved difficult. Luckily, through a little bit of networking,

I acquired a job as a cleaner in a care centre. At first, I did not expect to

enjoy the role as much as I did. As a result, they spent their days chatting to me, and these conversations

brightened up my day as much as theirs. They cared little for my lack of English, they were just glad of a friendly face, a wide smile and someone who genuinely wanted to listen.


It was an experience I will never forget, which in turn allowed me to improve my English skills and become the woman I am today. It showed me the power of human connection, presence, and listening.


After working a couple of call centre jobs, I eventually accepted a the role of a Customer Support Agent in a start-up business. This is where my career really took off.

I spent the following years working my way up the corporate ladder. ​After 14 years in various leadership positions, I must confess, the highlights of my career have been the opportunities to give back, and help others achieve their full potential.


Deep down I knew that I wanted something more. For me, this meant, stepping away from the corporate world, putting myself out there, and showing up as me, my imperfect but authentic self.

I embarked on a journey that allowed me to focus on helping and developing others. I immersed myself in various coaching programs and ultimately became a certified Leadership and Executive coach.


However, a pivotal moment in my life occurred when my son has been diagnosed with ADHD.  I dedicated my time and energy to researching all things ADHD. I spent months reading every book I could lay my hands on. 

It was during this research phase that I stumbled upon a concept of ADHD coaching as a relatively new approach to managing ADHD. I was intrigued to say the least! This prompted me to into ADDCA program to further explore the world of ADHD coaching. Not only did I gain a deeper understand of my child, I was able to implement practical tools and strategies to help my son overcome challenges and harness his ADHD strengths. That shifted positively our family dynamic.

I have had the privilege of witnessing the daily struggles within my own household,  faced by the community and my clients. 

I had the chance to directly observe the challenges both within my own household and within the broader community.

I see the community and my clients struggle every day. 

I have witnessed the daily struggles within my own household and within the community. Everyone is good at some things and not good at others. Not just people with ADHD. Most people with ADHD judge themselves harshly and engage in negative self-talk.  

My mission now is crystal clear: to help people shift away from the negative perspective to open, appreciative and curious mindset, and identify their unique strengths. Empower them to embrace their true selves and support them to fearlessly chart their unique paths of life. 


Mirka Frommenwiler - ADHD Coach for Adults, families and children. ADHD parent education, teacher education.
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