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About Me

I am a passionate and experienced business leader with a shrewd commercial acumen and unwavering professional awareness. I specialise in strategy development, process improvement, change management, project management, and business transformation. If I had to summarise my professional outlook in one simple mantra, it would be that I am passionate about making a difference.

Throughout my career I have successfully built and developed dozens of teams, successfully lead people through transformation and significant change. One of my core strengths is my ability to create an open and engaging work environment based on trust. I believe it is imperative that employees feel inspired, motivated, and encouraged to create a brighter future.

In my opinion, a functioning and productive workplace is made by establishing trust. How is this done? I do it by demonstrating personal values and beliefs on a daily basis, while actively listening to those around me. This is the road to accessing diverse and innovative ideas and new perspectives. Another key factor is fostering inclusivity, and working in harmony towards a supportive and collaborative environment that increases the participation and contribution.


Furthermore, it is quintessential to look within and practice self-reflection. I pride myself on taking the time to reflect and putting emphasis on self-improvement, as well as recognising the value of continuous learning and growth.


From a professional perspective, I draw upon my many years of corporate skills and leadership experience to help guide my clients to approaching challenges and goals differently. I regularly encourage them to question their assumptions, find creative and unexpected solutions, and finally build on the strengths that align with their personal values.

My Story

Today I can proudly say that I am an experienced business leader with an unrivalled passion for people development, and helping people realise their full potential. However, my journey certainly didn’t start at the top.


Everyone has a story, and here’s mine…


​​I am originally from Slovakia, and I came to Ireland over 17 years ago with one goal; to learn English.

However, with little English at my time of arrival, finding and securing a job proved difficult. Luckily, through a little bit of networking, I acquired a job as a cleaner in a care centre. At first, I did not expect to enjoy the role as much as I did. Though it wasn’t the cleaning of the bedrooms and the bathrooms that set my heart aflame; it was the people I worked with, and the residents of the care centre. Day after day I saw lonely residents patiently waiting for their families and friends to visit them on Sundays, while some had no visitors at all. As a result, they spent their days chatting to me, and these conversations brightened up my day as much as theirs. They cared little for my lack of English, they were just glad of a friendly face, a wide smile and someone who genuinely wanted to listen.


It was an experience I will never forget, which in turn allowed me to improve my English skills and become the woman I am today. It showed me the power of human connection, presence, and listening.


After working a couple of call centre jobs, I eventually accepted a the role of a Customer Support Agent in a start-up business. Little did I know that this company would become one of the Fortune 500 corporations. This is where my career really took off.


I spent the following years working my way up the corporate ladder. Thankfully I did not have to do it alone. I had people behind me that believed in me more than I believed in myself, that supported me, encouraged me, lifted me up when I felt down. These people became my role models, and shaped me into the leader that I am today.

After 14 years in various leadership positions, I must confess, the highlights of my career have been the opportunities to give back, and help others achieve their full potential.


Deep down I knew that I wanted something more.


I wanted to help people the only way I knew was possible.

For me, this meant:


  • Stepping away from the corporate world, putting myself out there, and showing up as me, my imperfect but authentic self.


  • Not trying to please people and telling them what they wanted to hear, but telling them what they needed to hear. Challenging them, and holding them accountable, so they can truly become the leaders they aspire to be.


  • Taking risks and risking failure, which is quite the challenge for the driven, high-achieving girl that I know has always been inside me.


  • And it would mean doing whatever it takes again and again because this work is too important to do anything less.


I understand that leadership is a skill that you can learn, but it is reinforced by your personality, your vulnerabilities, your imperfections, by your true self. Authenticity is what opens the door to a rewarding career, stronger and more meaningful relationships, and bigger impact as a leader.  And more importantly, I know how to help you get there.

 - Mirka

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