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Increase Self-Awareness 

Effective Leadership starts with Self-Awareness

Self-awareness in leadership is an understanding of how your personality traits, habits and abilities affect your interactions with the people around you, particularly in the workplace. Leaders who are self-aware actively reflect on how their words and actions are perceived by others and work to change any of their own shortcomings so they can lead their peers more effectively. Self-awareness leads to personal control and growth that helps leaders use their strengths to guide teams to the best possible outcomes.

TypeCoach is an online provider of personality tools. These allow people to discover their “personality type” through a simple online self-assessment. As a result, they understand and learn how to work with it most effectively.
The tools provided can help your team understand work styles, communication preferences and other key factors in team productivity.


The TypeCoach Verifier


In less than 25 minutes

  • Become knowledgeable about the four key aspects of Personality Type 

  • Make an informed decision about your own Type preferences

  • Complete an interactive multi-step process to ensure you have found your true, best-fit type

  • Receive a 8-page report

  • Understand your preferences and communication style

  • Access Type-to-Type tool that breaks down any relationship based on the specific combination of personalities involved, providing actionable strategies for improved communication, etc. 

Typing on a Keyboard

TypeCoach Assessment

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